Advanced Plant Maintenance & Reliability Excellence 2018, Dubai



Companies are facing ever-increasing competitive pressures to achieve higher levels of performance: to improve health, safety and environmental performance, reduce costs, increase productivity, increase profitability and extend asset life. World class companies are seeing increased performance in all of these areas by making effective improvements in Maintenance and Reliability.

Through this 3-day Masterclass, participants will gain an understanding of recognized and proven best practices in Maintenance and Reliability and learn how to achieve optimum and long-lasting results by effectively implementing and sustaining these practices as part of a structured and holistic improvement and cultural change program.

Day 1 will provide an overview of the journey to maintenance and reliability excellence, including how to develop the business case, gain leadership support, align the organization, develop an improvement strategy and build a more proactive organizational culture.

Day 2 will focus on specific maintenance and reliability best practices including risk and reliability management, operator-driven reliability, work management and spares management.

Day 3 will address how to implement and sustain these improvements,including collecting and using the right data, focusing on the right metrics,building a skilled workforce and applying ISO 55000 as a key enabler. This Masterclass will provide you with insights to identify the key areas where you can make practical improvements and with the knowledge to deliver bottom-line business results by making these improvements happen and making them stick for the long-term.

The Masterclass will employ a combination of engaging presentations, group discussions, case studies and exercises. Participants will leave the Masterclass equipped to develop their personal plan to drive impactful change in their own organization.


By the end of this Masterclass, participants will understand how to:

Apply maintenance and reliability best practices to reduce downtime, reduce costs, reduce business risks and increase profitability.

Succeed by capturing the right data at the right time and measure the right metrics to enable the right decisions to be made at all levels of the organization

Implement and sustain these best practices by building or aligning with an overall business improvement and cultural change program.

Overcome barriers to success and avoid common pitfalls.

Use ISO55000 as a framework for improvement and sustainability

Who Should Attend

This is a fast-paced, high-level Masterclass and is targeted at those who are involved in improving company operational performance including:

• Production and Operations Vice Presidents

• Asset Directors

• Operations Directors

• Asset Managers

• Site Managers

• Operations Managers

• Production Managers

• Maintenance and Reliability Managers

• Integrity Managers

• Business Improvement Managers

• Maintenance and Reliability Engineers


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